Caretaker Services

Monthly Routine Maintenance Service

Headway UK differs from any other property maintenance companies, by offering our bespoke caretaker service. Caretakers are hired to handle the regular upkeep of properties on behalf of the owner. The work they undertake includes cleaning, gardening, testing safety fixtures and general repair and upkeep of your property in addition to making sure that you comply with current legislation. Our caretaker service is designed to be specific to your requirements, as the responsibilities of the caretaker are based on the type, size and use of the property. We have a team of multi skilled caretakers delivering a wide and comprehensive range of services that cover multiple disciplines, which means less disruption for you and reduced costs.

What Is a Caretaker?

Caretakers are professionals that visit a tenancy on a regular basis to ensure that the property is being operated in line with the guidance given by the owners or managers. These goals can be to maintain the property so that issues are fixed before they become major problems, or it can be to ensure that the property or site is an attractive space at all times.

The Advantages of Hiring a Headway UK Caretaker

If you book our caretaker service, we will regularly monitor your property, this is normally on a monthly basis, but can be more frequently if required. Our caretaker will inspect your property and carry out minor repairs, such as fixing faulty taps, cutting grass, fixing doors, painting, cleaning drains, washing windows and checking smoke alarms. If there are any bigger issues, we will let you know what the problem is, and what solutions we can offer to fix it. This service means that you do not have to deal with multiple service providers, as we have a roster of highly skilled tradespeople that we work with on a regular basis. So if your property has a plumbing problem, we have a local professional who can fix it quickly, so that your tenants are not inconvenienced. If your properties are not visited regularly by you or your management team, our caretakers become your eyes and ears on the ground, highlighting potential issues before they arise.

Property caretakers are responsible for the upkeep of the inside and the outside of properties, and improving the condition of the building and grounds. They can work alone, or as part of a team, if you have multiple occupancy buildings. A property caretaker can also help with clearing out rubbish, caring for plants and will have a background in caring for and maintaining properties.

What are Common Caretaker Tasks?

A Headway UK caretaker can carry out a wide array of tasks in and around the property. In addition to the general upkeep of the building and grounds, our caretaker service includes the following:

Who Can Benefit from Headway’s Caretaker Service?

Headway UK’s property caretakers can be hired to work in a wide range of settings. This includes private homes, care homes, assisted living facilities, offices, schools, university accommodation, private rentals, housing associations, social housing, nurseries and any other multiple occupancy building. We can also be booked by letting and estate agents to look after rental properties, including vacant buildings.

Feel Secure with a Vetted Caretaker

Hiring a caretaker for your property can be stressful, as you want to make sure that the person looking after your building, and ensuring the safety of your residents is reliable, skilled and trustworthy.
Headway UK makes the process easier, as we carry out background checks on our caretaking staff, to make sure that they are qualified and dependable. For our schools, social housing, nurseries and assisted living properties our staff and network tradespeople are enhanced DBS cleared giving added peace of mind. Our caretakers can be booked for residential properties across the UK.

At Headway UK, we believe that booking our caretaker service will not just benefit your residents, it will add value to your property, as there will always be someone there to spot issues, and fix them, before they become problematic and expensive to fix.

We choose caretakers that have great interpersonal skills, can solve problems, pay attention to detail and are great at multitasking. They can work alone or as part of a team, can be flexible in their working hours, and are happy working indoors and outside.

Contact Headway UK to Discuss Our Caretaking Service

If you think that your property can benefit from our specialised caretaker service, contact Headway UK now so we can discuss your needs.